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The performance careened with a gypsy energy that left the audience smiling . . . ferocious and rhythmically mesmerizing.
— San Francisco Classical Voice


Etienne Gara, Artistic Director, Delirium Musicum


Delirium Musicum: envisioning a world inspired by ecstatic performances of music.

Who we Are
Delirium Musicum is a self-conducted, ethnically diverse chamber orchestra dedicated to providing impassioned and engaging musical performances that deeply connect audience and musicians. Influenced by the bustling artistic mosaic of LA, the group applies dazzling creativity and limitless excitement to their performances that are enjoyed by a fast-growing audience.

Performances that Take Your Breath Away
The musicians who make up Delirium Musicum are devoted to making sure that each concert is an immediate, visceral experience for their audiences. Their dedicated, impassioned performances grab hold of concert-goers’ emotions and don’t let go. It’s awe-inspiring, from the first moment that a bow is drawn across a string until the very last note.

Distinctive Los Angeles Energy
Los Angeles crackles with artistic and multi-cultural energy, and Delirium Musicum draws its power from this electric atmosphere. Its musicians are among the top up-and-coming performers in classical music anywhere, and its partnerships with composers from LA and beyond bring the exciting musical voices of our city—and the world—to life.

A Dialogue Between Old and New
Delirium Musicum makes Baroque music shine with a magical aura, dazzling and beautiful to behold. Just as powerful are its performances of new music, and its commitment to collaborating with living composers results in exciting new ways for audiences to enjoy all music as part of a shared, meaningful, human experience.

Our Composer-in-Residence
Gianluca Bersanetti composes music in many styles and mediums. In particular, his “contemporary Baroque” compositions have met great success in Europe and the US.

Every Concert, A Special Connection
At the heart of Delirium Musicum is a singular desire to build a special bond with its audience, to bring joy, to move people to tears, to inspire people through music. The immediacy of its performances, its connection to Los Angeles, and its time-traveling concerts fusing old and new: all the elements that make up Delirium Musicum are designed to make music a force that brings people together to share in something that is truly special.

Message from Artistic Director, Etienne Gara
"Delirium Musicum is all about the ecstatic sense of togetherness that music can inspire. It’s also about a new generation of classical musician who brings a fresh approach to the old masters and enthusiasm for the new. The love and excitement my colleagues and I have playing together creates a bond on stage that allows us to be spontaneous. We enjoy the thrill of being 'on the edge;' it generates an energy that pulls the audience into our performances and brings them along with us."

You have juice! My soul danced!
— Cynthia M., audience member